Elected Officials

The City of Lovejoy is blessed with City Council members who work well together and who are very much engaged with City residents. If there is a public event happening in Lovejoy, you’ll probably find at least one City elected official in attendance, and often all five of them.

The Lovejoy City Council consists of a mayor and four council members, who all serve at large (represent the whole city). All serve on a part-time basis, and they focus on setting and overseeing City policy, leaving the day-to-day running of the City government to full-time City Hall staff. The current mayor, Bobby Cartwright, also serves as an appointed, full-time city manager.

Mayor Bobby Cartwright

Councilman Tommy Green
Councilwoman Marci Fluellyn
Councilwoman Rebekah Holland Wright
Councilwoman Mary Ann Harp

The current mayor and city council members were all reelected in 2015 to four-year terms. The next election is in the fall of 2019.

Lovejoy City Council Website