The 30228

The United States Postal Service “Zip Code” for the City of Lovejoy street addresses is 30228, which is also the Zip Code for the wider Hampton area. Generally, Lovejoy residents list their mailing address as “Hampton, GA 30228”, even though they don’t live in Hampton, nor even in Henry County, which is where Hampton is located.

So why do Lovejoy residents have a Hampton address?

That’s a good question. It boils down to the fact that letters and parcels mailed to Lovejoy residents are delivered through the USPS Post Office located in Hampton. It’s the Hampton, GA 30228 Post Office, so any resident, business or other organization receiving final delivery from that facility will have “Hampton, GA 30228” as its postal address. Keep in mind, it is only a postal address. I does not mean you live in Hampton just because your mail is delivered from there.

Some Lovejoy residents write their street address as “Lovejoy, GA 30228”, and that’s fine, because the Zip Code is the most important part of that address line.

Does the Lovejoy Post Office deliver mail?

That’s another good question. The USPS Post Office in Lovejoy has a 30250 Zip Code, but because that office is not a delivery facility, there are no 30250 street addresses. The only way to have 30250 in your mailing address is to rent a post office box from the Lovejoy Post Office.